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Maiko Sachiho by NAKAYOSHI - blog

It seems that Sachiho, who has just entered her second year of apprenticeship, retired 3 weeks ago. She was a little sister of famous geiko Sayaka and even more famous maiko Satsuki. She also starred along with them in KoiMaiko TV show and on their website we could read a bit about her sincere and sweet personality:

Birthday: March 5, 1997
Birthplace: Mie Prefecture
Blood type: Type B
Special skill: I can cure any injuries with Oronine
Pastime: Playing trumpet
Favorite food: Mentaiko (Alaska pollock) roe
Favorite movie: Hachiko
Favorite musician: Nothing in particular
Favorite comedian: Nothing in particular
Favorite sports: Tennis
Animal to compare with yourself: Sloth
Briefly describe your personality: Fickle
How would you spend your holiday: Window-shop western-style clothing
Where you want to go: Beautiful beaches of the islands in the south
Recommended spot in Kyoto: As of the moment, I have yet to see and look up the places in Kyoto.
When you feel the happiest: Sleeping time
Something you like or dislike about yourself: Like: my hands, dislike: my chubby face
Do you do cooking: Once I made curry and, by a miracle, it was delicious.
Ideal type of man: Animal-loving person. Someone who is not bound with anything.
Childhood dream: To be Sailor Moon
Female image whom you think is cool: My onee-sans in Gion
Height: 157 cm
Shoe size: 23 cm
Current obsession: There is no time for that now.
Something you would be careful about: Showing my true face. I naturally have a wicked mouth and I need to keep it shut.

Thank you chronos from TsurukoMaiko for the translation!

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